A&M Report No1, 8th September 2007

We've had 2 visits to Agia and had good viewings of a pair of eleonora's there - often troubling the crows, but occasionally briefly joining them on the edge of the water.  Most of this activity was on the far side but occasionally they flew over us and back again.  Good to see 5 purple herons on far side, spread out along the water's edge. Then, yesterday 7th September, 3 flew low over National Road at Kavros.  Back at Agia, a flock of c80-100 wood sandpipers flying low over the water.  6 kingfishers, sometimes flying in pairs - not seen that before. A solitary grey wagtail by sluice gate.  In the reeds, near path, a sedge warbler, and later a reed warbler - have average pictures of each.  Finally, on far side two egrets, which I'm convinced are cattle egrets - pale legs on photo, but at such a distance I can't be sure, and photo is poor.

Visited Rodopos yesterday 7th September, (went to Wave on the Rock for lunch).  On track above Rodopos village, every other bird was a spotted fly - two pictures as good as my one on the website.  Even Alex got a decent one!

Seeing average of 5 red-backed shrikes daily since about 25th Aug - best picture yet of this bird below.

Photo by and A&M

Visited Psiloritis area (near Observatory) this week too, after taking friends to Heraklion Airport.  No choughs this time, but had 31 griffons in one view, 18 directly above us, stacking.

Speaking of griffons, we have seen them twice this week from the house (above Georgioupoli) - three this morning while it has been blowing a gale.  Also from the house, a flock of c40 bee-eaters last Monday, flying through, but quite low so good sightings - no others so far.

Draponas quiet.

Finally, quite a few flocks over Georgioupoli bay viewed from our window, including grey herons, white storks, squaccos, and little egrets.  12 little egrets in tree off beach at Kavros. lLater, they were all spread out along the beach on the water's edge - nice picture.

Below photo of: Sea daffodil/Sea Lily Pancratium maritimum on beach near Episkopi (Rethymno Road).

Photo by and A&M

Below: Large Marsh Frog? at Agia - size of a human face!.

Photo by and A&M

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