A&M Report No 3, 1st January 2008
1. Petres Gorge, via the upper meadows. No birds to speak of this time, but we were surprised to see mandrake in full flower at several points along the way.  This plant would normally flower in Autumn or early Spring - this was New Year's Day!

Mandrake - Photo by and A&M

2. 3rd Jan. Kalikratis area, off-road.  A new area to walk for us - wild and remote. 6 griffons glided over at relatively low level, majestic as ever, but best sighting was red kite making a long straight glide northwards - never to return.  Photo easily identifies, but was at some distance.
3. 6th Jan. Anopolis and Aradena area.  An impressive stack of 26 griffons, plus another 20 during the following 2 hours (some might have been the same bird?).  Pale phase booted eagle, kestrel, sparrowhawk, raven, common buzzard and blue rock thrush all seen.  Corn buntings, black redstarts and chiffchaffs everywhere.  Drove down to Livaniana - just east of Aradena Gorge on newly tarmaced road.  Best sightings of the day in this area with a peregrine clearly perched on cliffside rock facing us - reasonable photo, and then a minimum of 4 alpine accentors.  Not the best photo, as quickly taken through the windscreen, but have attached it as these birds were wintering well below their normal altitude - we were only 250 metres above the bay.

Alpine Accentor - Photo by and A&M

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