A&M Report No 7, June 2008

On a few days this month, up to 18th, we have heard bee-eaters flying high above the house, but none spotted.

While descending the zig-zag from Litsarda late evening on 18th, we caught a nightjar in our headlights.  It was easily the best view we have had of one, and much better than just hearing them across the valley from us.

The churring of turtle doves is continuing well into the summer - sometimes three together on the nearest trees to us.  Scops owls are calling every night.

We managed a trip to Aghia reservoir on 20th.  No picture, but 90% sure we had an olivaceous warbler in the tree above us at the taverna.  It was flitting around very quickly, and the tree was quite dense.  A good view for the odd moment or so.  Several immature yellow-legged gulls were around the edge of the water.  I've attached two pics of these, as they show the markings quite well. (see photo below)Otherwise, not much else apart from c20 common sandpipers that never stopped flying over the water, and a single Little Egret.  The skies were thick with alpine swifts.

Photo by and A&M

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