Checklist and Guide to the Butterflies of Crete
Papilio machaon - Swallowtail More
Iphiclides podalirius - Scarce Swallowtail More
Zerynthia cerisy cretica - Eastern Festoon More
Colias crocea - Clouded Yellow More
Gonepteryx cleopatra - Cleopatra - More
Lycaena phaeas - Small Copper More
Charaxes jasius - Two-tailed Pasha More
Vanessa atalanta - Red Admiral More
Nymphalis polychlorus - Large Tortoiseshell More
Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady More
Polygonum egea - Southern Comma More
Pararge aegeria - Speckled Wood More
Danaus Chrysippus - Plain Tiger More

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