JUNE  2009


We return home after two months away so this report is somewhat shortened to the last nine days of the month……….21st-30th .

Our other reports from our trip to, Antikythera, “Antikythera Spring 2009”……… Mainland Greece,  “Tortoises and Terns”…… France “ A Day in the Carmargue”………We still have lots of images to process for these reports and they will soon be published elsewhere on this site courtesy of Roy and Raye.

June Report

As there was not too much about at the end of the month, thirty three species, we have condensed them into a spreadsheet.

(Will try to insert soon ROY) 

The nice thing to find on return was the many species with young about.

Stonechat, Common Buzzard, Northern Wheatear, Goldfinch, Woodchat Shrike, Blue and Great Tit, Barn Swallow and Raven. The young of these species are a delight to watch especially the young Goldfinch , constantly begging for food even from the other young. Our resident Common Buzzard has again produced a youngster that is constantly calling and has started some mornings at daybreak waking us when it has perched as close as possible …..on the roof !

The ravens are a magical sight as they perform some real aerobatics and test their wings.

We still manage a few pictures to add to the diary

Balkan Green Lizard
- photo by and © C&S

Juvenile Northern Wheatear
- photo by and © C&S

- photo by and © C&S

- photo by and © C&S

With hot weather not too far away July will once again be fairly quiet, the juveniles will continue to feed nearby well into the middle of the month.

Hopefully we will get some sightings of Eleonora’s Falcon in the coming weeks, heading in from their nearby breeding sites to hawk the insects in the late afternoons.

During the past three July’s we have seen Golden Eagle on the nearby hills, so we will once again be scanning the ridges for these majestic birds of Prey.

We will spend some time catching up on Alan and Margaret’s last two reports, getting a few field trips in and will of course also add any sightings that we receive from Nikos Samaritakis into next months diary.

Happy birding

Colin and Sue

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