This months report will be a shorter than normal as we took off again for the island of Antikythera for three weeks for the period 4th – 26th to do the raptor migration watch once again with the HOS [Hellenic Ornithological Society] Hopefully we will add another Antikythera report to the others soon.

Migrants are moving through now with Little Egret, Grey Heron, Spotted Flycatcher, Whinchat, Peregrine Falcon showing well. We will also probably lose the Shrikes and Wheatears this month as they also start their movement south. Wagtails should also arrive along with Sparrowhawk and some of those other migratory raptors like Booted and Short-toed Eagle.

Only four images for this month …there was not much to photograph!!

The species list for the month is attached as a chart to the end of this report.


25 Little Egret circle the bay in search of somewhere to rest up. Two Eleonora’s Falcon hunt nearby.

Eleonora’s Falcon Falco eleonorae hunting near the house
- photo by and © C&S


25 Grey Heron doing the same as the Little Egrets yesterday!


Two Blue Rock Thrush show well on the rocks above the house

4th-26th  Antikythera report to come soon


On the way home from Antikythera, 4 Cory’s Shearwater


A distant Aquila on Gramvousa, possibly a Golden Eagle but the

briefest of glimpses and we were unable to confirm.


We meet up with friends from Ireland in the hope of seeing

Lammergeier…… and manage a total of 33 species for the day

including our target bird. We head for Gerani, first spotting a

Kingfisher along the coast. Up in the mountains we get nice sightings of Griffon Vulture, 70+Cough and lots of Raven. All the regular species of Omalos are seen giving our friends some nice firsts for Crete.

We also had another new species to add to our Crete list SHORT-TOED TREECREEPER, two of which were seen at the viewing platform at the entrance to Samaria Gorge. No pictures the pesky little things staying in the darkest areas of the fir trees and flitting about so fast……our species list for Crete now stands at 215.

The area was rather misty but we had our Lammergeier views, unfortunately distant and murky ones, thrilling all the same as we saw an adult dropping a large bone onto the scree slopes that lead to Gigilos, we watched as the bone dropping was repeated three times the bird spiralling down to retrieve its meal with fairly good views through the scope.

A Woodlark Lallula arborea on Omalos Plateau
- photo by and © C&S

Lammergeier, Gypaetus barbatus  distant views, you can just make out the bone nearing the ground
- photo by and © C&S

We quickly arrange another trip to the area for the next day, but that’s in another month, so folks you will have to wait for the October report !!!!

Something to look forward to…..


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