Introduction: This website is dedicated to the recording, and promotion of all Crete wildlife. With such a wide remit it will never be completed and as with wildlife itself, gradually evolve. Your input is most welcome.
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15.1.2017: For latest UK news see Twitter

7.2.2014: More in UK birds

25.11.2013: Glaucous Gull and Rose-coloured Starling in UK birds

12.11.2013: Back in action!

12.6.2013: A&Ms  April Diary onsite

17.4.2013: A&Ms  March Diary onsite

1.2.2013: A&Ms January diary and Roys UK January diary onsite

29.1.2013: Roys UK diary Jan 2013 up to date

10.1.2013: A&Ms Dec 2012 report onsite

3.1.2013: Kittiwakes on Crete and Great Northern Diver in UK Birds

18.12.2012: Crete Bird Report 2005 onsite.

13.12.2012: Nikos found a Pygmy Cormorant on the 1st Dec, still present to at least 11th, hope is it will overwinter. See birds/checklist/Pygmy Cormorant

7.12.2012: New A&M's Local birding - November

26.11.2012: New A&M's Local birding - September & October Reports

4.11.2012: New A&M's Local birding - June, July and August 2012, More UK Birds

26.8.2012: Working on motorhome section/work in progress

11.6.2012: UK dragonflies/new photos

 A&M's Out and About April 2012 onsite.

19.4.2012: A&M's Out and About March 2012 onsite. couple of corrections

11.4.2012: New Hawfinch and Bonelli's Warbler photos

7.3.2012: A&M's Out and About February 2012 onsite

6.2.2012: Roys 2012 UK diary, February started.

25.1.2012: Roys 2012 diary updated

16.1.2012: Crete birdlist, Marsh Harrier updated

13.11.2011: Now more than 6000 photos onsite most recent ones in UK Birds section

12.3.2011: Crete 2004 bird report added, Vagrant Emperor Dragonfly seen recently by A&M

The Team:
Originator/Editor/Photographer: Roy Robinson
1980/1986 Warden for the Norfolk Ornithologists Association at Walsey Hills Migration Watchpoint/Reserve/Information Centre.
1986/1996 Originator of Birdline, partner in the Bird Information Service, publishers of Birding World and for some time assistant editor of that magazine.

Raye's Diary/Photographer: Raye Robinson
Roy and wife Raye have spent over three years in Crete, now back for various reasons as UK residents.

Resident Photographers/Colin & Sue's Diary, etc.
Colin and Sue Turvey live on the most westerly peninsular, a migration route!

Resident Photographers/ A&M's Out and About, etc.
Alan and Margaret Hargrave live in Western Crete.

Resident Photographer/Reports
Nikos Samaritakis

and all other contributors

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