Mannington Hall CC.CL and Norfolk Birdfair - 15/18th May
Birdfair weekend 17th/18th - next years fair 16/17th May 2015

Mannington hall with some of the surrounding moat, note lovely weather!


Many walks in the area, this Heron photographed on one of our walks


Red Campion much in evidence


There is a water meadow and boardwalk with dykes and a pond, where the Large red damselflies above were photographed


Beside the pond a scattered otter spraint


Just beyond the boardwalk, a hide looks out on this large pond


Most noticable inhabitants of this pond, large groups of at times very noisy Edible Frogs

Two noisy frogs with extended air sacks


More usual pond inhabitant a Moorhen


Adult Little Grebe


Lovely surrounding for show site


Main show marque


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