Roy's Ultra Zoom/Bridge Camera, Digital Photography
Many of the photographs on this website, those not credited to another photographer are by and copyright Roy Robinson or Raye my wifes. Photographs since 11.10.2004 are from my Panasonic FZ20 digital camera, which has a x12 optical zoom lens, image stabiliser and fair macro capacity, making it suitable for many aspects of wildlife photography.

A compact ultra zoom camera is the most versatile and portable type of camera for wildlife work, but lacks the sheer quality of a digital SLR or the super magnification of digiscoping.


From mid December 2007 photos are from the Panasonic FZ18. (see photo below).
Many advantages over the FZ20: lighter, more pixels, 18x zoom etc. But much quicker focusing is perhaps its most useful attribute.

Raye's Compact Digital Camera

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