More Cretan Experiences
Wednesday, 5th October -  run for the new car along the National Highway to Lidl and the new Champion supermarket, which appeared on the other side of the road from Lidl during the four months we were back in the UK.  The weather was cloudy and cooler, so ideal for shopping. In the evening it brightened and we drove up to Aptera for an evening stroll where we met Linda, who takes in many stray dogs - she had about five with her that evening.

The next few days the weather was mainly overcast and cooler. We visited Kalives to finalise the car insurance and pictures were taken of the car while it was parked outside the bank. All insurance companies seem to do this in Crete. We visited the internet cafe at Georgioupoli to update the website and check emails.  A slow process as the line kept going down.

Sunday, 9th October - the weather was warmer with hazy sunshine. After breakfast on the balcony we went for a swim at Kalives. We were the only swimmers and had the bay to ourselves.  There was a shower of rain just as we left to go back to Provarma, where we had lunch on the balcony.

The next couple of days were a mixture of rain, sun and cloud.

We had walks around the local area and through the orange groves.`

Ready for milking

Restored stone house

Hay Store

Thursday, 13th October
- We went for a drive to Kares, Ramni and Samonas. This is a round trip into the mountains from Provarma and gives fantastic views of the coastal plain towards Kalives and Plaka. The weather was warm and sunny. Later in the day we had a walk in the Provarma area - drinks and hot chestnuts on the balcony at 7 p.m. That night there was a storm.
Friday, 14th October - Blue skies, warm and sunny. We had a swim at Kalives and then wandered around the harbour. We then enjoyed a lunch, by the sea, of whitebait and Greek salad.

In the afternoon we visited Vaso, at Douliana, who was preparing for a promotional photo session for her lovely apartment complex. We then drove through Gavalohori and the surrounding area and noticed quite a lot of housing development, which had appeared over the four months that we had been in the UK. In the evening we had been invited to a meal at Alan and Margaret's home overlooking Geogioupoli bay.  We had drinks on the balcony with the lights of the village twinkling below. As usual we had a lovely meal and drove back to Provarma around midnight. The outside temperature dropped to 11 degrees.

Douliana: this shrub had a pungent odour which attracted bees

Saturday, 15th October-
It was too hot on the back balcony by 10 a.m. We spent a pleasant few hours at Kalives again. We had an enjoyable swim and wandered around the harbour again looking at the shoals of fish in the clear water.

Sunday, 16th October - Cloudy at first.  After breakfast on the balcony we left to drive through the mountains to Chora Sfakion, by the Libyan Sea, on the south coast. The temperature in the mountains near the Imbros Gorge was 12 degrees and the weather cleared as we approached the south coast were it was 21 degrees and sunny. We enjoyed a picnic before driving back. That night the sky was clear with a full moon. 

The next couple of days we spent searching for items we need and trying again to register at IKA.

Wednesday, 19th October - was warm and sunny. We took a picnic to Petres Gorge, on the road to Rethymon, and spent some time watching the huge Griffon vultures gliding around the gorge. We continued to Rethymon for shopping and then wandered around the maze of streets in the old town. There were dozens of inviting tavernas hidden among the alley ways. When we left the sun was setting on the walls of the imposing fort.

Friday, 21st October
- We needed to check some details on the internet so we went into Kalives.  I also needed some stamps - I had tried at five different places without success. We went to the post office which was closed - they had no electricity. The hairdresser was also unable to work, and, of course no internet. We enjoyed a wander around the streets and shops. Met friends for a chat but still no electricity after about three hours. We decided to go back that evening when the electricity, would hopefully, be on. On the way we drove down to the beach at the western end of Kalives where one of the rivers enters the sea. We were there as the sky turned shades of pink and purple, as the sun went down. The internet cafe was in action again so we checked the information we needed and sent a couple of emails.

Saturday, 22nd October
- clear blue sky, hot and sunny. Shopping again at Kalives for bread, fresh fruit and vegetables. On the way back we stopped at a favourite spot - the church on the road to Stilos. We enjoyed a walk along by the river for an hour. As we went back to our car, parked by the church, we noticed some people in the grounds and the aroma of food cooking. One of the men asked us to join them to drink wine.  The families - four adults and four children were sitting down to a wonderful spread: tzaziki; olives; eggs; cheese; pasties; cold meat; stuffed vine leaves; delicious salads; rice and huge local pork chops and village sausages from the charcoal grill. There was also bread, some toasted, local wine and olive oil and soft drinks. We were made very welcome and given loads of food to eat, which was delicious. We had Greek music from the car and Panos, a good football player, gave us a treat when he danced. The two fathers disappeared and returned with fresh walnuts.  We even had Greek coffee made on a gas burner with a briki in the traditional way. We were so pleased to be invited to join the families and to meet: Eleni, Dimitris, Anna, Dimitris, Panos, Antonis, George and John.

Every day here in Crete is different.  As the above shows you never know what may happen. It is full of surprises. That's all until next time.

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