June 2006
Thursday, 1st June - Alan and Margaret called round for coffee in the morning - it is always good to see them.  In the evening Renee and Ron joined us for a meal at Provarma (when they eventually found us!) It was hot so we had a cold meal with various salads and had a pleasant evening.

Friday, 2nd June - a very hot day 37C in the shade. There was thunder and a shower of rain in the morning. So hot we stayed in the house.

Saturday, 3rd June - we went to Kalives for a swim - weather was cooler 27C but it was very windy.  The sea was rough so we settled for a walk around the harbour.

Later that day my son 'phoned from England with the wonderful news that there is another baby on the way - due mid January 2007.

Monday, 5th June - we called in on Alan and Margaret with a card and gift for their wedding anniversary. We continued along to Petres Gorge - a favourite place where Roy searched for dragonflies. This is his main interest now that the spring migration is almost over.

Later in the week the temperature fell to 22C and it felt 'chilly' and we had a couple of rain showers.

Sunday, 11th June - we decided to have a look around the Church of Ayios Ioanis Theologis, a very old church in Stilos - and to find a very large fossil, which we had been told was at the church. We continued for a walk along by the river. We had not been for a couple of weeks and everything was really overgrown and the water level had fallen.

There was more rain the next day. On Tuesday the weather was overcast and from around 11ish until 3 pm there was torrential rain and a storm. We once again had a riverside property as the rain rushed down the hill.

Wednesday, 14th June - clear blue skies and sunshine again - 24C. We went shopping at Kalives.  When we returned to the car Alan and Margaret were having lunch at a taverna. They asked us to join them for a drink - which we did and also had a very enjoyable lunch. Roy had goat and I had a shrimp salad (shrimps like huge prawns) delicious.

We are spending a lot of time now on the beach and swimming - the best place to be in the heat of summer.

Sunday, 18th June - we enjoyed a Sunday lunch out with Alan and Margaret. It was a hot, still day - 30C. Alan drove us (air conditioning on) along the coast road westwards. We stopped at Tavronitis river bridge - a good birdwatching spot at the right time of year - now Roy was looking for dragonflies. We then drove to Kolombari and enjoyed a coffee in a cool taverna by the sea. We continued along the Rodopos peninsular via Afrata. The views along the cliff road are great and the sea various, lovely shades of blue and aqua marine. We headed for a taverna on Ravdoucha Beach which Alan and Margaret had found during the winter. The taverna is set in a very pretty spot on a rocky beach with pools - the largest one being enjoyed by swimmers - like a swimming pool. We enjoyed a good lunch (although the cook was away as she had just given birth!) Roy had a pork chop which hung over the edge of his plate. We also had grilled sardines, shrimps, a large salad, fried courgettes and local wine.  For sweet we were given tscouthia  and yoghurt topped with preserved orange peel - very sweet. Another lovely day out.

Rodopos coastline

View from taverna window

Beach near taverna

Display of marine creatures

Church built into rock

Rock roof of church

Wednesday, 21st June -
It was another hot day. We went to the Agia Reservoir to the west of Chania again - a very pretty spot. We visited the new picnic area and walkway leading to the ponds by the lake. There are numerous tables and benches and 'crazy' paving. It is still being worked on and was rather overgrown. We walked along by the lake and then enjoyed a coffee and sandwich at the Lakeside Cafe, with wonderful views over the lake.

The temperature is now usually 30+C every day. It is too hot to sit on the back balcony by 8.30 a.m.  Problem is the house is hot - 30C by 8 a.m. We are cooling off by the sea and swimming. We enjoy having a day on the beach with lunch at a taverna some days. It is strange to look at the weather forecast and hope for some cloud and lower temperatures. It is likely to be even hotter the next couple of months. Lots of people return to the UK for July and August.

We have noticed how the beach is becoming busier. Lots of the local people go there late afternoon or early evening. The temperature around 7 p.m. is just right and a lovely time to swim after the heat of the day. The house although is still hot. We are looking for ways to keep cool - especially at night.

Saturday, 24th June - we spent a pleasant day on the beach at Kalami and enjoyed swimming in the warm sea. We had a snack at the beachside taverna at lunch time: a mixed plate (mezes) and a 'simple' toast.

Live music at a Stilos taverna, for Saturday night, had been advertised on posters around the area. We decided to go and wandered down the hill to the village about 10.30 p.m.  The music hadn't yet started but the three musicians were there.  There were dozens of tables set outside under the trees over the road from the taverna. There were several people eating there. We sat at a table and ordered some local wine, water and souvlaki with chips (of course). The trio started to play at about 11 p.m.  More people arrived in large groups - many young people dressed for a night out on the town and family groups. The musicians were treated to numerous drinks. The music was good (at disco decibels) and just before midnight people began Greek dancing.  They all seemed to know the steps and took it very seriously - it was lovely to watch.  When we left about 1.15 a.m. the party was in full swing.

There is a music festival in Stilos in July and August so we hope to hear more music and be entertained by Greek dancing.

Sunday, 25th June - another trip to Petres Gorge, by the sea - 31C. It was very windy on the beach. The stretch of beach from Georgioupoli towards Rethymnon was crowded with people and cars. Previously when we have been there it has been deserted. The stream on the southern side of the National Road was very pretty with lots of wild flowers. Roy enjoyed searching for dragonflies. It was very hot away from the beach and the wind. Shade was welcome.

Unusual plant at Petres

Petres gorge

Dragonfly watch

Petres church

The stream in the gorge

Variety of plants in gorge

This brings me up to date with the June diary - today Monday, 26th June is again hot although there is a strong, warm breeze. The electricity has just gone off - as has the fan - time to sign off and go for a swim. Roy's back is still causing problems we are hoping that swimming may help.

Now the weather is so hot we will not be out and about apart from at the beach so I will hang a sign on this page for now 'GONE SWIMMING'

p.s. The remainder of June continued to be hot and quite windy.  We spent time on the beach and enjoyed a couple of swims although the sea soon becomes rough as the day progresses and the wind increases. We were not able to swim as often as we would have hoped. 

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