Still Going Swimmingly
On 4th December the weather was again warm and sunny with a blue sky.  We enjoyed a swim in Kalives bay, in a calm, clear sea.


After lunch in the garden we went for a stroll around Vamos

The next day we continued walking around the local area - exploring the surrounding countryside. After the recent rain the red earth is now becoming covered with a carpet of green. Wild flowers such as anemone and narcissus are appearing.There are more and more baby lambs.  Everywhere local people are collecting their olives. There is a processing plant in Vamos which is producing litres of olive oil.

Friends arrived later in the day with gifts of cakes and a large bag, full of delicious oranges. We are having freshly squeezed orange juice with breakfast every day.

On 6th December the breeze changed from the south to the north.  The weather has become cooler. When the sun shines it is still warm.  The weather is ideal for walking and exploring. We have also had walks around Xerestoni (a nearby village) and Georgioupoli (on the coast about 10 minutes from Vamos)

On 8th December we had another very enjoyable day out, with friends Alan and Margaret, to the Rodopos peninsular further towards the west. This is a dramatic, rugged landscape. Olive oil is also produced in this area. We drove as far as Afrata beach and then explored more on foot.

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