Winter Approaches
10th December. Local people are wearing warm clothes and most days it is much colder. Houses have stacks of wood outside which have been collected to burn during the winter.
The sea in Kalives bay is quite rough some days. Very different to the last photo on 4th December.

We have seen some interesting vehicles whilst exploring around the local area.


During the night our neighbours (sheep) managed to breach the stone wall and the barrier at the entrance, and explored the garden, nibbling plants. None fell into the pool - luckily!
On 12th December it rained during the morning but brightened up after lunch. We took a trip to Fres, Tzitzifies and Nipos - three interesting mountain villages to the south west of Vamos. We called in at Vrises and could not resist the gorgeous cakes in the pastry/confectionery shop. The range of cakes and sweets is amazing.

14th December it was dull and overcast at Vamos so we headed for brighter weather.  We followed the mountain road which winds from Stilos to Malaxa. There are great views on the climb and numerous herds of goats, many with appealing kids. We had a picnic at the view point just past Malaxa. From here you have an amazing panoramic view of Souda bay and Chania set out way below.

Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas decorations and lights are appearing around the area. Lots more to tell on the next page but time has run out!! 

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