Further into 2005
The new year continued on 2nd January with blue skies and sunshine after rain at first. We enjoyed another day out in the mountains around the Imbros Gorge area. We called in at a favourite taverna, overlooking the Askyfou plateau. We enjoyed goat cooked with the local soft cheese.  

More rain overnight on 3rd January and dull at first. By lunch time blue skies again and warm.  We visited Vrisses and Vafes.
4th January heavy rain so we had a rare day in the house.
5th January weather was brighter.  We had a shopping trip to Souda Bay and called in at several car showrooms. The weather became colder and there was a frost that night.

6th January was a day of blue skies and sunshine. This is the important feast day of Epiphany. Seas, lakes and rivers are blessed. We attended the ceremony at Kalives harbour. Local people gradually arrived and by 11 a.m. a large crowd had gathered.  After a procession from the church the priest threw the holy cross into the sea.  Several local youths dived into the sea competing for the honour of retrieving the cross. They were given several opportunities as the priest returned the cross to the sea three times. It was a happy occasion enjoyed by everyone.
After the ceremony the crowds soon dispersed. Many people gathered at tavernas to eat and drink. We enjoyed lunch, sitting outside in the sun, with large family groups of local people at Stilos - a nearby village.

The reason for our winter stay on Crete is to decide whether we would like to make it our permanent home. We have been so busy exploring and having a holiday we are only just deciding what we might do.  More about this next time. 

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