First Days
Hi Everyone.  We arrived at Chania airport at 1600 hrs. on 26.10.04 - 30 passengers on a 240 seat aircraft - ready to experience a winter in Crete.  Friends Margaret and Alan kindly met us and took us to our accommodation in Vamos, which we had arranged, earlier, in May.  Wonderful location, totally secluded in an olive grove within walking distance of Vamos - north western Crete. 
our accommodation with view of garden & pool/washday
Our villa is really well-equipped -  it seems that everything needed is provided. Our friends and neighbours T and J have really helped us to settle in. They provided us with a 'welcome pack' of bread, milk, water, olive oil, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, jam, butter, bacon, cereal, tea, coffee, fruit juice and biscuits which kept us going until we were able to stock up. The cupboards and 'fridge are now full! We shop frequently for the various delicious local breads, fruit, vegetables and wine.

We have had the majority of our meals outside in the garden - including breakfast. Sitting in the sun with views of the white mountains, in the distance, over the stone wall and tops of the olive trees - wonderful.

A favourite fruit and vegetable shop. Inside is an Aladdin's cave with spices, herbs, locally made wine and much more

The weather since we arrived, has been great apart from a storm on 5th November and a couple of dull, rainy days. Last night and yesterday strong winds blew sand in from the Sahara. Today, 15th November was calm with some sunshine. Nice enough for lunch on the terrace. Everything is covered in a 'pinkish dust' after yesterday's sand storm.

 We visited a lovely garden centre just off the motorway at the junction for Mournies.  The staff were really friendly - trying to help me with my Greek. One charming young man spoke excellent English. He was very helpful and wrote down in English and Greek the herbs and vegetables which we can grow over the winter. 

We know winter has to arrive, with rain and colder days so we are enjoying the good weather to the full. The rain is needed for the crops, especially the olives which will be gathered during the next few weeks.

 We have swum in the pool in the garden, and also in the bay at Kalives - on 1st and 2nd November. We have had numerous trips out - more of which will appear on following pages.

Kalives' bay & harbour
We often visit Kalives, about 7 kms from Vamos, which we know well having spent several holidays there.
Views around the village square at Kalives: a restaurant: the church with flags flying for Ochi Day (No Day) 28th October: the periptero (kiosk) which seems to sell everything and is always open. 

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