Sunny Gorges Times
How time goes by.  We have been in Vamos now for almost six weeks.  It almost seems as though we have always been here. We have taken advantage of the good weather and been exploring the area.  The scenery and views along the coast and in the mountains are fantastic. I have taken so many photos it is difficult to choose  a limited number for the website.

We have taken picnics on several days (lots of the tavernas are closed for the winter) to the fantastic mountain area around Kares, the Theriso gorge, Aptera and also visited beautiful lake Kournas several times.  One of the most enchanting places we have visited was Adonis's gorge.  A spectacular location with a moving 'healing church' set in the rock sides of the gorge. Friends, Alan and Margaret, took us there and to Kourtalivtiko gorge on 18th November.  We clambered down to the bottom of this impressive gorge - a good place to view birds of prey.

Left: End of the road - Kares  Centre: Turkish Castle - Aptera  Right: Theriso Gorge
Left: Lake Kournas Centre: Adonis's Gorge Right: Kourtalivtiko Gorge

The first snow appeared on the top of the white mountains on 18th November and has gradually increased, appearing lower down on the slopes during the past few days. The mountains look beautiful. There have also been some glorious sunsets.

We have had heavy rain showers some days, a couple of storms but also plenty of sunshine.  The weather has sometimes been much colder. However, today, 3rd December, and for the past week we have had clear blue skies and warm sunshine, resulting in most of the mountain snow melting. Today I enjoyed a swim in the bay at Kalives.  The sea was like a mill pond and the water crystal clear.

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