Sheepish Tails
A couple of days ago we met a local shepherd on one of our late afternoon walks. With my very limited Greek, and sign language we understood that he would like to meet us for coffee the following day in the next village. He kindly bought us coffees at the kafenion the following morning.
Throughout the countryside the olives are being harvested.  Families and friends congregate to undertake this hard work. Nets are spread under the trees and various implements used to remove the olives from the trees. When trees are by the roadside the nets often trail in the road: an obstacle course for drivers! The oranges, lemons and grapefruit look very colourful ripening on the trees.
We have new, shy neighbours in the field over the dry stone wall: sheep - probably there for the winter.  Yesterday they had disappeared when the owner arrived to feed them. He searched the surrounding fields and olive groves - calling to them. He eventually found them and they followed him back along the lane to their winter pasture. There are flocks of sheep in surrounding fields all with gorgeous baby lambs.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is again for sunshine so hopefully it will be swimming time again.  More next time.
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