Theriso Gorge & Agia Reservoir 03/11/04
This is a great round trip from our base at Vamos, visiting several
 interesting habitats.

Theriso Gorge itself was fairy devoid of larger birds but this pair of Ravens put on a great flying display. Not a great photo, but does illustrate the diagnostic silhouette of this large all black plumaged member of the crow family. Its gruff calls are also very distinctive. Above Theriso on the now tarmac road to Zourva, we struck gold as the large bird in the distance had very long wings, a wedged tail, and a very noticeable light head, perhaps the bird of Crete the Bearded Vulture. A hasty grab for the telescope and a closer look ended in disappointment as it dipped out of sight not to reappear. Well that's bird watching! Crag Martin and Kestrel were recorded and Robin common, even at this altitude.
Full of birds was our first impression as we climbed up to the pumping station at Agia Reservoir, mainly Coot and Moorhen, with a good number of Little Grebes. I did a rough count of the Moorhens, 150+ with undoubtedly more hidden from sight. Other species present 10+ Pochard, drake Pintail, several pairs of Ferruginous Duck and Shoveler. Overhead a flock of fifty plus Starlings and later 3 Swallows were noted. Several Kingfishers present. A few Migrant Hawker Dragonflies and a Blue Tailed Damselfly were notable insects.

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