13/16-11-04 Raptorios Days
13th. Drove up the mountain road from Maheri to Kares. We stopped at the first parking opportunity and scanning the gorge side we were rewarded with excellent views of a Goshawk, first from above, as it flew among the trees, before rising above the gorge and disappearing. At other points along the route we noted four Kestrels and then four buzzards together in the air. The other Raptor recorded on this date was Sparrowhawk.

Male Sparrowhawk UK Photo

Alan and Margaret's report from the Omalos Plateau and Omalos Gorge entrance areas for the 13th: Peregrine Falcon, Crag Martins, Eagle sp., and late date for an Alpine Swift.
14th. A natural phenomenon, a sandstorm curtailed most of the 14th's activities

15th. At least three swifts in the Vamos area pm.
16th. The local Buzzards' calls alerted us to a pale phase Booted Eagle which flew over the garden.

Three fairly distant shots of the Booted Eagle, compare with the Buzzard photos below. Shape of wing etc.

Buzzard photo 13/11/04 Maheri-Kares

Buzzard Maheri-Kares

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