First Impressions
The first days after arrival on 26th October 2004
Our local patch in Crete is on the outskirts of Vamos, an area of olive groves, other horticulture and patches of mixed woodland. Left: view from garden am 27/10/04
Lots of birdlife, but probably because of shooting morning and evening they keep a low profile, both a challenge and frustration. Right a Buzzard overhead.
Robin the most noticeable bird at present, singing and calling, presumably setting up their individual winter territories. Other common local patch birds: Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Blue & Great Tits, Blackbird, Sparrows, Hooded Crow and Sardinian Warbler.
Above, our hosts knowing my interest in wildlife kindly showed me this scorpion that had been residing  in their woodpile. Apparently their sting is about the power of a bee sting, but hoping not to test this out. Right: Red Admiral recorded on the 27/10/04 UK photo.
Left: Painted Lady Butterfly recorded on the 28/10/04 UK photo. White butterflies, still very much in evidence, Small Copper and small blue sp. butterflies also seen. Weather still mainly sunny and warm/hot. On the coast at Kalives Herring Gull seen.
Right: My highlight for the 29/10/04 was a Preying Mantis in the garden. Blue Hawker sp. dragonfly seen from garden.
Cetti's Warbler and Greenfinch added to regular local patch birds. Grasshoppers sp. numerous.

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