Aradena Gorge 16/12/2004
This trip to Aradena Gorge was inspired by Alan and Margaret's daughter, who had recently visited the gorge and mentioned  the information board featuring the Bearded Vulture. Anybody who watches birds knows it is not easy to see any bird to order, especially one as rare as the Bearded Vulture. But sometimes!

The trip started well with sightings of Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture en route, just north of the Imbros Gorge entrance. The exciting road from Chora Sfakion to Aradena village led us over the gorge spanning, steel bridge. We wandered around admiring the view and a Bearded Vulture flew overhead!

Could not get the camera to focus at first and not ideal exposure setting, but managed this parting shot. The Bearded Vulture has a wingspan of up to 9ft / 2.75m

Several Griffon Vultures were in the area, we had distant views of another Bearded Vulture and this juvenile Golden Eagle gave us fair views.

After an alfresco picnic we drove up to overlook Loutro on the coast.
I photographed this male Blue Rock Thrush on the cliff edge.

Earlier in the day I photographed this obliging male Kestrel.

A day to remember!

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