January Dragons 06-01-2005
This was a special trip to the Stylos site to see if any dragonflies had survived into January. This despite the latest book on European Dragonflies making it look unlikely. Several pairs of Common Darters - Sympetrum striolatum were present and in full egg laying mode. See pair in tandem, egg laying in photo on right.  Several male Migrant Hawkers -Aeshna mixta were also patrolling the area.
Even more surprising was the damselfly, see photo to right.
I believe this was a female Blue-tailed Damselfly - Ischnura elegans.

Dragonflies of Europe revised 2004 edition, R R Askew, dates:
Sympetrum striolatum: exceptionally December
Aeshna mixta:
end of October
Ischnura elegans:
end of October

The Darters were still egg laying on the 16th January
and a single male was recorded at Georgioupolis Lake on the 26th January


We noticed this eel will looking at the dragonflies on the 6th - photo to right
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