3rd for Crete  
Late on the 22nd November I identified this Dunnock Prunella modularis on a bush not far down the lane from where we are staying. I took this photograph, mainly for practise, with my new camera. In fact, the light was fading and the image is fairly poor. On reading A Birdwatching Guide to Crete I noticed that this could be the third record for Crete. Was my identfication correct, doubts crept in (they should not have), so the next morning I took a walk down the lane. The bird was there but only briefly. I still thought it was a Dunnock! I looked for the bird on most of my trips down the lane but no joy. Then on the 16th January 2005 at the start of the lane I had views of a Dunnock  at close range, not even the slightest doubt now, but was it the same bird?
Recently a friend sent me his private nature reserve report. He traps and rings birds there. Even such a noticable bird (you would think) as a Great Grey Shrike was only seen in the trap, not before or after. So it could be the original Dunnock!

Slightly improved digital photograph: Right

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