Now Fieldfares - Turdus pilaris
On a visit to a Litsardi building plot on the 21st January, I heard a familiar call, then sighted a small flock of approx 7 Fieldfare flying off south-east.
Next day, once again after checking in A Birdwatching Guide to Crete
(up to 3 Malia 1989)
I decided another visit was called for. We arrived at the same time 4pm, and looked and listened from a partly constructed house, which I have nicknamed The Watchtower. Calls were heard and one bird was photographed in a distant tree. See Right. Shortly after, approx 14 birds took flight some coming overhead before landing to the north. We could still hear them calling.  We again visited the site on the 9th February and were delighted to spot a flock of at least twenty birds in the vicinity.
As you can see from the last couple of diary pages, Crete is probably very under recorded in winter, your records would be welcomed, please email.
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