First Meeting and More
8th April: In the morning just north of Stylos a Hoopoe, in the evening other signs of bird migration, a Woodchat Shrike and Pied Flycatcher just a short distance from our new house.

(Above) Woodchat Shrike (poor photo)

Managed to get a photo of one of the large green lizards at last.
(Green Balkan Lizard?) see below.


9th April: Another classic day out with A&M, quite an adventure. Wildlife highlights included 14 Griffon Vultures in the air together, Wheatears, plants, plus dung beetle see below.


12th April: Walk in the afternoon, north of Stylos, Hoopoe seen on the road, and near a stream at least six Night Herons and a Water Rail.

Night heron in flight (Above)

16th April: First meeting of our informal club was held at Lake Kournas, ten people attended, from small acorns! At the lake 2 Little Egrets, a Grey Heron and a Squacco Heron. Next meeting was arranged for Saturday 7th May at Agia Reservoir, 12.30 field meeting starting at Pump House, 2pm optional lunch at new Taverna (overlooks reservoir).
18th April: Two Golden Orioles near my favourite Stylos stream site, and Woodchat Shrike watched from our balcony in evening.
19th April: Trip to the Akrotiri Peninsular. At Agia Triada Monastery, Wood Warbler, Hoopoe and Scops Owl heard. On return journey we stopped at Souda Bay War Cemetery, on the shore Black Winged Stilt, Squacco Heron and Common Sandpiper

The Black Winged Stilt (Above)

20th April: 3.15pm watching from the balcony. Scanning with my telescope a flock of birds swept into view, an unmistakable outline and then bright colours confirmed the identification, Bee-eaters! A flock of 8+ birds. I was scanning north and they were travelling in that direction, not directly, but circling, unfortunately soon lost to sight.
Late that evening a Hobby was more accommodating, it sat in a bare tree from approx 7.30 to nearly dark at 8.15pm, before disappearing into the gloom.
24th April: Two interesting insects seen in the garden today

Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly (Above left) and crickety thingy (Above right)

26th April: On a shopping trip to Kalives in the morning, a brief stop at the river bridge west of Kalives provided a tantalising view of a crake? A return visit in the evening proved irresistible, and as it turned out most rewarding. Quite an awkward place to birdwatch as the bridge is busy, and near a bend, so viewing from the car would be suicidal. It is safer to walk from a nearby parking space, but of course you are very easily seen by any birds in the river below. They often move up or down river and out of sight. A Green Sandpiper disappeared into the reedy margin, a small wader stayed put, and a Night Heron flew downriver, whilst a Purple Heron appeared overhead. I concentrated on the small wader, very small and with a short bill, my immediate reaction Temminck's Stint, time for a photo. (see photo below) A movement near the bank caught my attention, a crake was swimming downstream disappearing under the overhanging reeds before crossing floating vegetation in full view to a mid-river island. Little Crake was the verdict. A Common Sandpiper completed a rewarding watch. We were sorry on the way home to see a dead Badger, near Stylos, presumably a road victim.


27th April: Decided to check Kalives Bridge again. Only the Green and Common Sandpipers and a  female Marsh Harrier were seen. We then had a walk along the river north of Stylos, starting at the church clearing. We heard Golden Oriole song and observed a male in flight. First Spotted Flycatcher of the year was seen and first Banded Demoiselle Damselfly (see photo below, female). Later in the day at 6.45 pm I heard what I thought was the call of Bee-eaters, when inside the house at Provarma. I grabbed my binoculars, dashed outside and was delighted to see a flock of approximately fifty Bee-eaters heading north.


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