Migration Spring 2005
29th April from our balcony:
Golden Oriole
1st May on local walk:
5pm lots of Swifts and house Martins with some Alpine Swifts.
Alpine Swift
2nd May
We decided to allow extra time on our journey to A&Ms barbeque, not enough as it turned out as migration was definitely in full swing. Our first stop was by a small stream, which provided views of Little Egret, and Wood Sandpiper. Just a little further along the road, 9 Red-footed Falcons graced the power lines, our first redfoots of the year. Nearing our destination we just had to look at Georgioupoli Water, and sure enough more migrants a Squacco Heron, several Black Terns and a White-winged Black Tern. So a little late arriving, sorry A&M!
Back at base in the evening I specifically looked for Redfoots from our balcony and hey presto four birds were spotted on distant power lines.
Female Red-footed Falcon
White-winged Black Tern
4th May
At approx 4pm watched House Martins, Swifts and Alpine Swifts moving north towards the coast, when I spotted what appeared to be at least 10 Red-footed falcons above a distant hillside. We decided to investigate further. A short drive and then walk had us watching at least twenty Red-footed Falcons hunting around the partly obscured hillside.

6th May
Short trip to church stream where a Woodchat Shrike was first sighting. On the stream Blue-tailed and Winter Damselflies were present as was a male Emperor Dragonfly.
Then I heard the distinctive call of Bee-eaters as a flock of approx ten landed further along the stream. A careful approach allowed a few photographs of them as they moved between stream, side trees and power lines. This was great but I then heard Golden Orioles and unbelievably I was able to watch Bee-eaters and Golden Oriole in the same tree.
Some of the Bee-eaters
One of the Orioles
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