More migrants
23rd September: Several sightings of Alpine Swifts and Hirundines including Red-rumped Swallows. At 7pm I walked onto the balcony as a Male Golden Oriole left the bare top of a nearby conifer.
25th At 4pm a flock of c.300 Alpine Swifts were overhead calling.
Some of the c.300
26th A Yellow Wagtail over Stylos and later at 4pm Bonelli's Eagle over OUR Gorge!
27th An Icterine Warbler worked its way slowly round a nearby Olive Tree, more or less in full view, unlike most birds which disappear into Olive Trees never to be seen again! Now if only the camera had been to hand I believe a worthwhile photo may have been available.
30th, Fifth Group Meeting at Agia Reservoir. 2 Little Egret, 1 Grey Heron, Marsh Harrier and Mallard, Shoveler, Teal and Ferruginous Ducks present. Also in area Starlings and Yellow Wagtails. Lots of Frogs sp. and Lesser Emperor Dragonflies.
The find of the meeting though was an Aquatic Warbler, only seen by some. If accepted it will be one of very few records. But the breeding distribution might perhaps indicate an under recorded species. We were kindly given lifts to and from the meeting and visit to Taverna afterwards. Near Stylos on way home with John & Patti we were please to see a Barn Owl.
1st October: This leggy beast (below) landed on the terrace.

2nd October: Another great trip with A&M, the back road to Omalos with stops at the Omalos Plateau and Samaria Gorge Mouth. Griffon Vulture sightings of ten plus individuals and large numbers of Goldfinch on plateau.
7th October: Heard first of winter visitor Robins.
8th October: Action birdwatching, Sparrowhawk v Crow sparing match in OUR Gorge.
16th October: Trip across island to south coast, highlights were brief sightings of 2 Golden Eagles, one an immature and just south of Imbros village a pair of Bonelli's Eagles seen from the precarious cafe!
17th October: 2 kestrels and a pair of Ravens were joined by a Sparrowhawk over OUR Gorge, great aerobatics. The Kestrels and Ravens left but a Crows versus 2 Sparrowhawk aerobatic spectacular followed, great birdwatching. I had been trying to trace a call for some time, today I heard the call but it was different as if coming from a pipe! The call seemed to come from the fence area, wire netting with metal pipe posts! Puzzle solved, checking the pipe posts I found a Common Tree Frog at home.
The pipefrog!

October: Visit to Petres Gorge, up to six Griffon Vultures, Male and female Kestrel, Flock of c. ten Rock Doves, 3 Ravens and Jackdaws seen. In the Gorge Viewpoint we spotted our first Cyclamen of the season (below)

Griffon Vulture
25 & 26th October: Melidoni The first day was a short exploratory visit. With sightings of Sparrowhawk, Ravens, Kestrel, Buzzards and Griffon Vulture and a photo opportunity of a Red-backed Shrike. I was keen to return. Next day was clear and bright so we returned for a longer walk towards the Volika Refuge. Four Griffons circling a nearby summit the highlight of the day.
  Red-backed Shrike 25.10.05 (First Winter Plumage)
29th October: We decided to visit Aptera fort in the late afternoon. A pair of Ravens were doing talon locked falls and I was able to get at least some sort of photograph (below). As dusk was falling a flock of 12 herons flew overhead, but we were looking into whatever light there was and they were only seen as silhouettes, I ran round the fort to get a better view but I could not relocate them, I think they might have been ????, do you have any suggestions?
The Ravens locked together
12 ?
31st October: Imbros Gorge with A&M, we walked down the Gorge and recorded Treecreeper, Black Redstart, Wrens, Crag Martins, Ravens, Goldcrest and near the end a winter visitor Song Thrush. Birdwise the highlight, close views at eye level of a pair of Bonelli's Eagles from the road above the Gorge. (below).

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