18-11-04 Nut Vulture
Another through the window photograph. Hooded Crow eating an acorn.

Trip with Alan and Margaret. First we visited the rugged Kourtaliotiko Gorge, a great raptor viewpoint, especially for Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle and Bearded Vulture. We saw several Griffons on this visit and Crag Martins.

Griffon Vulture from below

The rugged Kourtalitiko Gorge

We then visited Adonis' Gorge N.E. of Spili. We explored this Gorge to point A on the photo below. From here the track leads down to the bridge at B, as it winds its way through the gorge, a trip we hope to finish at a later date. The most notable birds were the Jackdaws, some of them photograhed below. These are the only Cretan Jackdaws we have seen to date 3/1/05.

Adonis' Gorge

Jackdaw Flock

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