August 2008
10th Upton Fen:

Southern Hawker

Southern Hawker - close up

Emerald Damselfly

13th Burgh Castle: Hundreds of Common Darter Dragonflies and brief sighting of Green Woodpecker on path. Several species of Butterfly also in the area.

Photo above the Green Woodpecker

Photo above: Common Darter Dragonfly

Photo above: Hedge Brown above and Common Blue Butterflies below, showing upper wing left and lower wing right.

15th Redgrave and Lopham Fen National Nature Reserve: Managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Raft Spider - Dolomedes plantarius

Brown Hawker - female egg laying

Roe Deer - keeping an eye on us!

22nd: Wherry from Beccles to Worlingham and walk back to Beccles.

Casting Off from Beccles

Quonting the wherry until we passed under the bridge and mast could be hoisted,
Colin a Broads Ranger doing the hard work!

Still quonting

Bridge in sight

Sail being hoisted

Passing a family of Mute Swans, mum and dad leading

Remains of railway bridge

Broads Cruiser photographed from our Wherry

Nick the Broads Ranger who led us on the walk back to Beccles

OUR wherry (Hathor) on her way back to Beccles


Red wherry flag and mast detail

Purple Loosestrife

Brown Hawker Dragonfly

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