December 2008
Wickhampton 14.12.2008

Pink-footed Goose

Pink-footed Goose - with pink feet in view!

Pink-footed Geese

Pink-footed Geese

19th Walk from Wickhampton on a bright sunny morning. First photograph was of this Mute Swan very much still in Juvenile plumage. Below:


Three Marsh Harriers played in the sunshine! Photo below|:


I set up my telescope behind a fence to study the Pink-footed geese of which the photo below shows a few:


I spotted a Chinese Water Deer, perhaps the same one seen recently. It had obviously not seen me so I kept as still as possible while aiming the camera.It came fairly close, result below:


It looked my way obviously hearing the shutter clicking or seeing a movement.


And decided to high tail it.


Did not run to far away and kept an eye on me. See below:


In the distance a massive flock of Lapwings took wing, I spotted a bird jousting with a Marsh Harrier, almost certainly a Peregrine Falcon.
By 2pm the weather had changed somewhat.


I drove home through Halvergate towards the Acle Straight. Two birds near the road caught my eye, first thought Fieldfare, but? I stopped the car and a quick look with binoculars, yes two Waxwings. I took a couple of distant record photos before reversing the car back to position in photo below. Unusually they stayed in bush, perhaps not willing to quit the rose hips on which they were feeding. Hazard lights on and in the bad light took many photos at different light settings, see results below:






21st Short walk in the morning along Breydon South Wall, from Rugby Club. Many thousands of birds now wintering in the area, including thousands of Pink-footed goose.

Lapwing in foreground, with wigeon along spits and many more lapwing in distance

Lapwings in foreground, with a strip of glowing Golden Plover.

Yesterday 20th late afternoon thousands of pinkfoot flew in from a southerly direction in one massive arrival, a fantastic sight. Today they seemed to have split and flocks could be seen moving around in all directions. However I hope the photos below, taken from the Burgh Castle area hint at the spectacle.  




And a great sunset

22nd: On a trip to see my grandson I stopped at Walcott and photographed the birds below. They were walking along the top of the sea defence wall. On a warm, at least 11 degrees day, a butterfly also flew past.



26th Ranworth area:

Goldcrest - smallest european bird

Highlight  was spotting this Little Gull

27th Ranworth area:

The floating Norfolk Wildlife Trust information centre

The Little Gull was still present.
In the photo above the Little Gull at top can be compared with a Black-headed Gull

The above photo shows the Little Gulls dark underwing

Little Gull - small black bill

28th Watched from Haddiscoe Bridge:

There was a gathering of around 35 Mute Swans

A male Marsh Harrier hunts the area (1 of 3 Marsh Harriers seen)

Fox also hunting in the area

29th Buckenham Marshes

Marsh Harrier 1

Marsh Harrier 2

Marsh Harrier 2



Marsh Harrier 2

Two Marsh Harriers flew overhead.

On the way back stopped on the Acle Straight to look at a flock of Pink-footed Geese, and look for the Ross's Goose which was recently seen in the area. No sign of Ross's but Golden Plover, Snipe and flock of Black-tailed Godwit seen.

Pink-footed Geese

Black-tailed Godwits

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