February 2008
2nd - Gapton Marshes

Mature Male Marsh Harrier, highlight of todays visit

5th - Gapton Marshes

Mid afternoon visit with Short-eared Owl above (left) and 2 Barn Owls  present for comparison.
(I shown on right). A single Redwing also seen.

8th - Gapton Marshes

Juvenile/1st winter Mute Swan

9th - Gapton Marshes

The Male Hen Harrier

Mid morning visit, with Greenfinches much in evidence on my way down lane to the marshes. A Song Thrush was singing. A Mature Marsh Harrier and 2 Barn Owls were watched.

As I looked east towards Great Yarmouth I was alerted by the calls of rising Snipe behind me, and a Male Hen Harrier flew high overhead. Unfortunately snatched photos only provided a silhouette. I spotted it once over Reeds to the east and decided to hide! behind a gate post hoping it would return on a similar route.  I nearly missed it as it returned low over the adjacent field, and despite some reed interfering with focus was pleased to get the photo above.

A pair of Egyptian Geese flew over the area and 6 Snipe put in an appearance. A very vocal Little Egret, Skylark song and Meadow Pipit calls added ambience. Other sighting included 3 Reed Buntings, Stonechats and a Pied Wagtail.

12th - Weavers Way S.E. of Halvagate

Lapwings and a Golden Plover

17th - Gapton Marshes

Walked down to my local patch mid-morning on a warm and sunny day. First a Barn Owl sailed out past me onto the marshes. Later I sighted a male Hen Harrier (photo above) as it flew west before apparently landing out of sight behind reeds. Shortly after a Male Marsh Harrier followed and appeared to land in the same area (to say morning perhaps?) before appearing again and flying further west when joined by another Marsh Harrier. Scanning for further views of the Harriers I noticed a Fox casually wandering along the dikes. A flock of 7 Snipe and close views of Stonechats added to a rewarding visit.

Male Stonechat

th - Gapton Marshes

Misty sun and great views of a hunting Barn Owl - note the talons!

26th - Lowestoft Front

Purple Sandpiper


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