September 2008
13th: Walk from Burgh Castle along Breydon Water south wall. Highlight of the walk was a fishing Osprey. See the 5 photos below.



Harpers Lane Bradwell, at least 2 Pied Flycatchers were in the area, see below.

As I walked down the lane I counted 50 Red Admiral butterflies just short of 52 counted on the 15th and at least 7 Comma.


Herbert Barnes Riverside Park, South Wall, Breydon Water. I had to travel towards this area so took the opportunity to park and have a short walk along Breydon South Wall.

As I had seen migrant Pied flycatchers the day before, I took a special interest in the scrub and tree areas of the park. My first sighting was what I took to be a whinchat, but as it moved around its red tail corrected my identification to Redstart. I could also hear a Pied Flycatcher. As I neared the western end of the park I could see birds using the fence as an insect hunt vantage point. Several Whinchats, a Pied Flycatcher and Redstart were spaced along the fence.

Migrant Wheatears were spaced along Breydon Wall and a walker coming towards me was inadvertently herding them my way, there were at least 10 individuals. On Breydon a few Curlew were moving around, a common Sandpiper fed along the edge and a carpet of Avocets was in the distance. I could not resist photographing the obliging Cormorant, on what was a lovely warm, sunny and still morning.

The Redstart and just visible red tail!

Fence at west end of park

Some of the Wheatears

A closer Wheatear


The Cormorant

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