October 2010
18th On the way home from a trip I decided to travel south on the Norfolk coast road in the hope of seeing Cranes. We passed by Horsey Mill and parked on the right - in first parking opportunity, and there across the adjacent field! see below:


21st Great result on my local patch/lane. I made sure a van driver noticed me taking a photo of his van as he drove past. He got the message and returned saying he had only dumped green waste! should he remove it? I said it was up to him, but it was an offence.  He promptly drove further down and reloaded van with offending material - result!

Great views of Barn Owl which circled round me before continuing to hunt, see below:


22nd Walk along Breydon South Wall, main sightings flock of Pinkfeet way over North Wall and for second day a close view of Barn Owl, see it disappearing in second photo below:



24th First twitch for quite some time, not too far though, only to Arnolds Walk, Lowestoft. I was pleased to spot the bird for myself, but failed, at first, to get a photo. Later it flew into an elder tree, whilst calling, and I was able to obtain a photo shortly after, as it perched in low dead undergrowth. It was great to see some people from my Walsey Hills days. Hi there.

The Red-flanked Bluetail  - Tarsiger cyanurus

26th Down Lane
Some way down the lane I decided it was time to ready my camera (Panasonic FZ18) and it was none to soon as I then noticed a movement in the distance.

I stayed as still as possible whilst raising camera to my eye, by now I could see it was a Muntjac

It got a lot closer until ....


It noticed me and decided . . . .

Im out of here! . . .

It was an antlered male and noticably more bulky then a female

Muntjac hoof print

 Many migrant Blackbirds feeding on berries, this photo was actually taken on the 25th at nearby Burgh Castle

28th PM visit to RSPB Strumpshaw for parking then walk to Buckenham Marshes

One of the main species of Buckenham Marshes are Wigeon, a pair above

Just a few more!

Also a small flock of Barnacle Geese present, origin unknown

Close up to highlight abnormal/hybrid individual

Some of another key species on Buckenham Marshes - Golden Plover

New RSPB Wildlife Watchpoint, near the river!

30th Ranworth

Grey Heron

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