2nd: Burgh Castle 1/2 Barn Owl 1/2 Short-eared Owl and Tawny heard at dusk. Marsh Harriers, Male Kestrel and a Chinese Water Deer also seen.

One of the Short-eared Owls

6th: Links Road Car Park, Lowestoft approx 1-2pm. Strong northerly wind and rain limiting visibility. Despite this recorded over 200 Cormorants and 12 Divers flying North. In the car park at least 2 Mediterranean Gull, 3 Sanderling, 7 Turnstones,

Mediterranean Gull with white ring number E861

(reference: gus-blueskybirding.blogspot.co.uk: Ringed in Belgium 7/5/2004)


2 of the Sanderling

7th: Parked at the end of New Road at Waveney Forest at around 3pm. Getting ready for walk to the mound, my attention was draw by crows to a Buzzard flying N. W. as it disappeared over the trees another buzzard followed. Below poor photos of the first Buzzard, unfortunately photos of second bird rubbish.

The pale Common Buzzard that frequents this area?

At the mound missed seeing both the Rough-legged Buzzards but one was still visible on a fence post. Later it flew off north east, probably disturbed by a birdwatcher! walking over the marshes, if he was trespassing, not impressed by his disturbance of this area. Several Marsh Harriers and 2 Short-eared Owls also seen. Decided to have a look at Belton Marshes from a bank not far along the forest edge from the mound. No sight of the Roughlegs but in the distance at 4.30ish in now still conditions a distant male Hen Harrier.
9th: Morning trip to Waveney Forest Mound, 2 Rough-legged Buzzards, Adult Peregrine and distant Merlin. On way to Caldecott Hall, singing Mistle Thrush and Muntjac Deer.

This R L Buzzard has a very distinctive necklace, shows even in this poor distant shot through mist.


Around 3.30pm at Gorlesdon Front c.130 Cormorants coming inland. Photo of 60+Cormorants

10th: Waveney Forest Mound at 3.30pm hovering Rough-legged Buzzard. At 4pm hovering Rough-legged Buzzard mobbed by Peregrine
11th: Gapton Marshes 3.30ish Barn Owl and Kingfisher.
13th: From Waveney Forest Mound a Short-eared Owl. However deer were the highlight of the day with a small herd of Reds just off A143, a Chinese Water Deer on the marshes and a Muntjac on forest path.

Two of the Red Deer

17th: Wheatacre Marshes, Peregrine flying over.

The Peregrine

22nd: Caldecott Hall entrance, flock of 60/100 Fieldfares and a few Redwings

Some of the Fieldfare flock



27th: Minsmere was very quiet at least areas we visited, not sure play area! in an important nature reserve is appropriate? how far can you hear kids screaming and shouting and how does this effect birds/wildlife?

Red Deer eating Gorse

Red Deer

28th: Buckenham Marshes, were alive with birds mainly Widgeon, Lapwing and Corvids. A flock of c.120 Bewick Swans were the highlight. A few Ruff and Dunlin also present.

At Strumpshaw RSPB a Bittern walking through a reed cleared area.


A few of the Widgeon



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