CRETE    Bird Report Oct 16th – 23rd 2007


Oct 16th  Travel to Iraklion

Oct 17th  Iraklion harbour, Giofiros river, Vori, Fanernomi Reservoir, Spili, Petres River and Spilia.

Oct 18th  Ag. Stephenos, Rotunda, Afrata, Deliana Gorge.

Oct 19th  Spilia, Panagia church, Kolimbari, Tavronitis river, Agia reservoir, Meskla, Zourva and Theriso Gorge.

Oct 20th  Spilia, Rodopos and Rodopou peninsula, Ag. Ioannis Giona and Ag, Pavlos.

Oct 21st   Agia reservoir, Mournies, Kalahori, Diktanos Gorge, Vrysses and Georgioupolis.

Oct 22nd  Pangalohori, Moni Arkadi, Eletherna and Margarites and Panormos.

Oct 23rd  Pangalohori, Old road to Iraklion, Amnissos beach.


Little Grebe  20+ at Agia Res on 19th & 21st Oct

Black-necked Grebe 15-20 at Fanernomi Res on 17th Oct.

Night Heron 1 juv at Agia Res on 19th Oct.

Squacco Heron 1+ at Agia Res on 19th Oct.

Little Egret 1 on coast at Iraklion and 4 on river Giofiros at Iraklion, 1 at Agia Res on 19th and 21st.

Garganey  10+ at Agia  on 19th Oct.

Shoveler    20+ at Agia on 19th Oct.and 21st Oct.

Ferruginous Duck 2+ at Agia on 19th Oct.

Pochard     20+ at Agia on 19th and 10+ there on 21st.

Buzzard     Common, singles and pairs seen daily throughout.

Kestrel       1 at Deliana Gorge on 18th Oct.

Moorhen     Flocks of 100+ with juvs at Georgioupolis and Agia Res.

Coot           Large flocks 400+ at Fanernomi, Agia Res and Georgioupolis Lake

Snipe          4 at Georgioupolis Lake on 21st

Common Sandpiper  1 in harbour at Panormos

Herring Gull A few at Heraklion harbour and Amnisos beach.

Lesser Black-backed Gull 2 juveniles possibly this species.

Common Tern 1 at Georgioupolis Lake on 22nd Oct.

Rock Dove  10+ possible type on Rodopou peninsula

Collared Dove Common in towns and villages everywhere.

Barn Owl  One seen in Plane Tree in Platanias Square Spilia on 17th & 18th Oct at 9.00pm.

Scops Owl Heard at Spilia Village Hotel on evening of 17th.

Kingfisher 3+ at Agia on 19th Oct and 1 there 20th Oct.  1 at Panormos harbour 22nd Oct.

Crested Lark Several near Kolimbari and on the Rodopou  Pen.

Woodlark   Several on Rodopou Peninsula on 20th Oct.

Swallow 2 at Agia Reservoir on 19th Oct.

Grey Wagtail 1 at Nat Hist Mus Iraklion on 17th and 1 on 19th at Tavronitis river.

White Wagtail 2+ juvs at Ag. Ioannis Gionis, Rodopou Peninsula. 1 on 21st at Diktanos Gorge, Katohori. 1 at Arkadi Moni 22nd Oct.

Wren Heard on several days in Deliana and Diktanos Gorges and near Afrata.

Robin  Common singing on winter territory everywhere.

Redstart    1 female on 18th at  Rotunda and a male and female on 20th  at Ag. Ioannis Gionis, Rodopou.

Stonechat    Seen daily in the west 18th-21st Oct.

Blackbird    Common everywhere.

Cetti’s Warbler  Heard on 5 days.

Fan-tailed Warbler One heard near Tavronitis river 19th Oct.

Sardinian Warbler  Common seen several times daily.

Blackcap  Several on 20th Oct at Spilia and Rodopou peninsula

Chiffchaff   Seen Afrata on 19th

Willow Warbler 3+ on Tamarisks at Afrata on 18th and at Ag. Ioannis, Gionis chapel on 20th Oct.

Spotted Flycatcher 1 at Afrata on 20th Oct.

Pied Flycatcher  1+ on Rodopou peninsula on 20th Oct.

Bluetit      Common in gorges.

Great Tit  Common

Jackdaw Two flocks 100+ one at Arkadi Moni on 22nd and on old Iraklion road on 23rd.

Hooded Crow Common

Raven Heard frequently in gorges and out on peninsulas and in uplands.

Italian Sparrow Common in villages and in the countryside daily.

Chaffinch Seen in olive groves 17th-19th Oct.

Greenfinch Seen on 18th Oct at Afrata.

Goldfinch  Small flocks seen daily.


Hedgehog  Road  kill on 19th/22nd/23rd.

Beech Marten  Road  kill on 18th.

Badger  Road  kill on 21st



Green Toad Dead and desiccated at Agia reservoir

Stripe-necked Terrapin Seen at Agia reservoir

Erhard’s Wall Lizard  Common on warm days.

Balkan Whip Snake One seen well in Deliana Gorge on 18th Oct.



Large White Common

Small White  Common

Southern Small White?

Painted Lady Recorded daily except 22nd & 23rd.

Red Admiral   Recorded daily except 22nd & 23rd.

Meadow Brown Common

Common Blue Several at Petres river mouth on 17th.

Stephanie & Jim Coghlan

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West Yorks


Oct 2007.


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