23rd September to 5th October 2007
From Brendan & Grainne Marnell, Dublin, Ireland
Every day we monitored & videod at Selinari Gorge.
Every day apart from 23,24 Sept & 1 Oct we monitored Farangi Rosas ... gorge north of Seli Ambelou & south of Gonies.
Bird Species
Griffon Vulture         daily: between 8 and 18 @ Selinari;  between 12 and 26 @ Farangi Rosas
Common Buzzard   almost daily: a pair @ Selinari;  a pair @ Farangi Rosas
Raven                      daily: between 5 and 10 @ Selinari; between 12 and 34 @ Farangi Rosas
Kestrel                     most days: pairs at both locations, 4 on 25th @ Selinari
Peregrine Falcon     most days at Farangi Rosas, a resident pair nesting close to vulture nest there
Bonelli Eagle           Pair high over Selinari on 25th Sept
Unidentified warblers (< 12) and flycatchers (<10) frequented patch of waste ground in Mochos, daily to end of Sept.
Bee-eater (<100) and roller (<60) with hirundines (<150) passed southward through small olive-grove valley west of Mochos each evening of 25, 26 & 28 Sept
Chaffinch and goldfinch seen over any rough ground daily.
Blue rock thrush (<4) seen daily away from human habitation.
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