LTI Costa Verde Beach Resort,
Playa Pesquero, in the province of Holguin, Eastern Cuba
15th-29th January 2003

Cuba is a relatively large island 1,250km ( 770 miles) east to west with much of interest for wildlife watchers. This package holiday report is based mainly on the resort and its close proximity but I hope provides an interesting snapshot of cuban wildlife. Most sightings were from two reasonably short roughly circular walks. Walk one was left when leaving the main resort entrance down the track to the sea bearing left through the woods parallel to the sea ending up at the resort beach or rear entrance. Walk two was left from the beach entrance along the top of the beach to the bridge/walkway over the walkway, left and left again back to the beach entrance.

The track
The beach at end of track
Coral path through the woods
Bridge over Mangrove Lagoon!

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